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Chemische analyse van oppervlakken -


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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2009
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This Technical Report specifies a procedure for the certification of the areic dose of an ion-implanted analyte element of atomic number larger than that of silicon retained in a working reference material (WoRM) intended for surface-analytical use. The WoRM is in the form of a polished (or similarly smooth-faced) wafer (also referred to as the host), of uniform composition and nominal diameter 50 mm or more, that has been ionimplanted with nominally one isotope of a chemical element (also referred to as the analyte), not already present in the host, to a nominal areic dose normally within the range 1016 atoms/cm2 to 1013 atoms/cm2 (i.e. the range of primary interest in semiconductor technology). The areic dose of the ion-implanted analyte retained in the WoRM wafer is certified against the areic dose of the same analyte retained in an ionimplanted silicon wafer having the status of a (preferably certified) secondary reference material (SeRM). Information is provided on the concept and the procedure for certification of the WoRM. There is also a description of the requirements for the reference materials, the comparative measurements and the actual certification. Supporting information on ion implantation, ion-implantation dosimetry, wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and non-certified substitutes for unobtainable SeRMs is provided in Annexes A to D. Sources and magnitudes of uncertainties arising in the certification process are detailed in Annex E.


ICS-code 71.040.30
Nederlandse titel Chemische analyse van oppervlakken -
Engelse titel Surface chemical analysis - Proposed procedure for certifying the retained areic dose in a working reference material produced by ion implantation



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