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Information and documentation - Collections management for archives and libraries


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Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2017
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ISO/TR 19814 provides guidance and recommendations in the planning, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the preservation of archive and library collections through: - recommendations and guidance for preservation planning and ongoing management of physical collections in archives and libraries; - procedures for managing collections in the stacks, research and reading rooms, conservation facilities and while on exhibit and during transportation. - guidance and recommendations for appropriate enclosures and containers for archive and library collections. This document applies to preservation of archive and library physical collections of institutions and volumes small and large. It applies to all collections housed by an institution; their own collections and deposits or loans from other institutions. Some information on digital collections, born digital and digitized, for conservation is included for reference. This document also applies to collections that are being managed by governmental agencies. This guidance is intended for collections that are being preserved for long-term use. Collections intended for long-term use need to be managed to mitigate many risks that can cause loss, including catastrophic loss from fire and floods, risks of vandalism and theft, to instability of materials, including acetate film and acidic paper. Collections management addresses the risks from a holistic perspective. It is recognized that compromises are necessary based on, among other factors, the quantity of collections in archives and libraries. The compromises can be managed when the factors of use, significance, vulnerability of the collections and the expertise and best practices from several fields are included in the decision-making process. This document covers specifically the operations required to manage the collections environment that are relevant to the preservation policy and plan of the institution. This includes the monitoring of climate stability, control of exposure to light, preventive cleanliness measures and cleaning of the collections storage areas. The conservation treatment of individual items within the collections is not covered in this document.


ICS-code 01.140.20
Engelse titel Information and documentation - Collections management for archives and libraries



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