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Hydrometry - Groundwater - Surface geophysical surveys for hydrogeological purposes

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Gepubliceerd op 15-02-2016
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The application of geophysical methods is an evolving science that can address a variety of objectives in groundwater investigations. However, because the successful application of geophysical methods depends on the available technology, logistics, and expertise of the investigator, there can be no single set of field procedures or approaches prescribed for all cases. This Technical Report provides guidelines that are useful for conducting geophysical surveys for a variety of objectives (including environmental aspects), within the limits of modern-day instrumentation and interpretive techniques, are provided. The more commonly used field techniques and practices are described, with an emphasis on electrical resistivity, electromagnetic, and seismic refraction techniques as these are widely used in groundwater exploration. Theoretical aspects and details of interpretational procedures are referred to only in a general way. For full details, reference is intended to be made to specialized texts listed in the Bibliography.


ICS-code 7.060
Engelse titel Hydrometry - Groundwater - Surface geophysical surveys for hydrogeological purposes



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