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Milieuschadebeperking van bluswater voor brandbestrijding

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Status Definitief
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Gepubliceerd op 15-05-2012
Taal Engels
This Technical Report provides information for the development of specifications and procedures aimed at limiting adverse environmental impacts caused by fire-water run-off (see References [2] to [7]). The information is applicable to commercial facilities, such as warehouses, chemical storage facilities, refineries, process plants which handle and/or store products with a potential pollution potency, and vehicles for the transport of such substances. It is only applicable to land-based operations (i.e. not oil tankers or off-shore oil drilling platforms), and to wildland fires. As such, this Technical Report provides a summary of current potential approaches for controlling and eliminating adverse environmental impacts caused by fire-fighting water run-off. It offers relevant information for the design and sizing of water basins to limit the dispersion of contaminated water into the environment at large (see References [8] to [12]). This Technical Report is divided into three main parts: a description of the hazards of fire run-off, environmental damage limitation and details concerning the possible design of water basins.


ICS-code 13.220.01
Nederlandse titel Milieuschadebeperking van bluswater voor brandbestrijding
Engelse titel Environmental damage limitation from fire-fighting water run-off



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