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Lifecycle risk management for integrated CCS projects

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2018
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ISO/TR 27918 is designed to be an information resource for the potential future development of a standard for overall risk management for CCS projects. The risks associated with any one stage of the CCS process (capture, transportation, or storage) are assumed to be covered by specific standard(s) within ISO/TC 265 and other national and/or international standards. For example, the risks associated with CO2 transport by pipelines are covered in ISO 27913. The scope of this document is intended to address more broadly applicable lifecycle risk management issues for integrated CCS projects. Specifically, the focus of this document is on risks that affect the overarching CCS project or risks that cut across capture, transportation, and storage affecting multiple stages. It needs to be noted that environmental risks, and risks to health and safety should be very low for CCS projects provided the project is carefully designed and executed. Risk identification and management is part of the due diligence process.


ICS-code 13.020.40
Engelse titel Lifecycle risk management for integrated CCS projects



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