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Ophthalmic instruments - Tonometers (ISO/TR 8612:1997)

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Commissie Intra-oculaire lenzen en contactlenzen
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-1997
Taal Engels
Specifies requirements and test methods for instruments designed to determine intracolar pressure (IOP). It lays down criteria for the clinical evaluation of different tonometer types, test methods for tonometers and physical criteria which, when satisfied by the instrument under test, verify that its measurement calibration meets the clinically relevant criteria. Is applicable to impression tonometers of the mechanical and mechanical-electrical type, to applanation tonometers of the mechanical-optical and mechanical-electrical type as well as air-impulse tonometers.


ICS-code 11.040.70
Engelse titel Ophthalmic instruments - Tonometers (ISO/TR 8612:1997)



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