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Bases for design of structures - Temperature climatic actions

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 28
Commissie TGB Basiseisen en belastingen
Gepubliceerd op 27-08-1987
Taal Engels
Is intended to be a guideline for code-writers. Can be applied to the determination of unfavourable characteristic values of temperature difference due to temperature climatic actions which are taken into account in static analysis of structures for which the variation of temperature within the cross-section can be treated as linear. Is not applicable to massive structures (dams, retaining walls, tunnels, bridge piers ets.). For condideration of such structures it may be necessary to take into account non-linear distribution ot temperature through the body of the massive structural elements.


ICS-code 91.080.01
Engelse titel Bases for design of structures - Temperature climatic actions



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