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Waterstofgas - Tankstations

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Commissie Waterstof en brandstofcellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-2008
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This Technical Specification specifies the characteristics of outdoor public and non-public fuelling stations that dispense gaseous hydrogen used as fuel onboard land vehicles of all types. Residential and home applications to fuel land vehicles are excluded from this Technical Specification. The fuelling station may comprise, as applicable, the following as shown in Figure 1: ? Delivery of hydrogen by pipeline, trucked-in gaseous and/or liquid hydrogen; ? On-site hydrogen generators using water electrolysis process or hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologies; - Liquid hydrogen storage, pumping and vaporizing systems; - Gaseous hydrogen compression and purification systems; - Gaseous hydrogen buffer storage;- Gaseous hydrogen dispensers.


ICS-code 43.060.40
Nederlandse titel Waterstofgas - Tankstations
Engelse titel Gaseous hydrogen - Fuelling stations



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