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Event detection process: Guidelines for water and wastewater utilities

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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2019
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ISO/TS 24522 provides guidance for water utilities on the detection and classification of water and wastewater events. The following subjects are within the scope of this document: - publicly and privately owned and operated water utilities. It does not favour any particular ownership or operating model; - all aspects of the drinking water system and the wastewater system; - all causes of abnormal changes in water and/or wastewater service provision capable of detection by monitoring systems including accidents, unexpected operational changes, natural hazards and intentional disruption. This document is independent of the measurement methods used to collect the data. The document focuses on events which could imminently affect the water utility’s interested parties. The following are outside the scope of this document: - methods of design and construction of drinking water and wastewater systems; - plumbing and drainage systems not under the control of the water utility. This document does not include details about action taken as a result of event detection. For such details see ISO 24518 and EN 15975 Part 1.


ICS-code 03.080.30
Engelse titel Event detection process: Guidelines for water and wastewater utilities



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