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Status Definitief
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Commissie Lampen en bijbehorende toestellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-1993
Taal Engels, Frans
A coding system is in existence that can be used to assign designations to lamp caps and lampholders. Meaningful assignment can be made to the letters, numbers and symbols that make up this designation. The system has gained international acceptance and should be used as much as possible. It is self-evident that there is a relationship between a certain lamp cap and the lampholder to be used with it. This relation is reflected in the relevant designation, part of which is used in common for the two products. As a consequence of this sysem it is possible to compare caps and holders from various manufacturers and, where they are interchangeable, the same designation can be assigned to them. This system is also a powerful instrument for controlling proliferation of designs. Assignment of designations to new types of cap and holder is the prerogative of the experts group EPC of IEC Sub-Committee 34B. It is an objective of this system that each assigned designation shouldbe short and as easily pronounceable as possible to stimulate its use in practice. This system is based on several sub-parts made up of letters, numbers and symbols, each part having its own characteristics. Only one designation shall be assigned to a particular cap and holder. This system does not attempt to identify materials. Parts of a designation are joined directly together with no spaces for other separator marks.


ICS-code 29.140.10
Nederlandse titel Lampvoeten en lamphouders alsmede kalibers voor controle van uitwisselbaarheid en veiligheid - Deel 4: Richtlijnen en algemene informatie
Engelse titel Lamp caps and holders together with gauges for the control of interchangeability and safety - Part 4: Guidelines and general informatie
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  • 2006/95/EG, Laagspanningsrichtlijn nieuw



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