NEN 10096-1:1988 en;fr

Hoogfrequentiekabels - Deel 1: Algemene eisen en meetmethoden


Over deze norm

Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 132
Commissie Cables, wires, waveguides, R.F. connectors, R.F. and microwave passive components and accessoires
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-1988
Taal Engels, Frans
This standard relates to flexible or semi-flexible radio-frequency cables of coaxial or twin conductor types designed for use in radio-communication equipment and in electronic devices employing similar techniques. The dielectric may be of solid, air-spaced, or semi-air-spaced types, consisting of a thermoplastic of low-loss polymeric resin, a thermosetting compound, or a mineral material. This standard establishes uniform requirements for judging the electrical, climatic and mechanical properties of radio-frequency cables and describes test methods.


ICS-code 33.120.10
Nederlandse titel Hoogfrequentiekabels - Deel 1: Algemene eisen en meetmethoden
Engelse titel Radio-frequency cables - Part 1: General requirements and measuring methods



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