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Meetmethoden voor radiozenders - Deel 3: Gewenste en ongewenste modulatie


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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 135
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-1975
Taal Engels, Frans
This Recommendation is intended to standardize the conditions and methods of measurement to be used to ascertain the performance of a radio transmitter and to make possible the comparison of the results of measurement made by different observers. This Recommendation contains details of selected methods of making measurements for assessing the essential properties of a radio transmitter. The methods of measurement described are restricted to those properties that may be liable to ambiguous interpretation due to the application of different methods and conditions of measurement. They are neither mandatory nor limiting; a choice of measurements can be made in each particular case. If necessary, additional measurements may be performed, but these shall preferably be carried out in accordance with standards laid down by other IEC Technical Committees or Sub-Committees, or by other international bodies. Limiting values of the various quantities for acceptable performance are not specified as these should be given in the relevant equipment specification. The methods of measurement detailed in this Recommendation are intended for type tests, but may also be used for acceptance tests and factory tests.


ICS-code 33.060.20
Nederlandse titel Meetmethoden voor radiozenders - Deel 3: Gewenste en ongewenste modulatie
Engelse titel Methods of measurement for radio transmitters - Part 3: Wanted and unwanted modulation
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