NEN 10531:1977 en;fr

Elektrische accumulerende kachels - Meten van de gebruikseigenschappen

  • Deze norm is ingetrokken sinds 17-02-2003


Over deze norm

Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 29
Commissie Gebruikseigenschappen van huishoudelijke en soortgelijke elektrische toestellen
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-1977
Taal Engels, Frans
This standard applies to electric storage heaters mainly intended to heat the room in which they are located. It does not apply to heating appliances incorporated in the building structure, nor to central heating devices, nor to installations for heating floors. The object of this standard is to list and define, for the information of users, the main performance characteristics of thermal storage electric room heaters, and to describe standard methods for verifying these characteristics. This standard does not deal with safety requirements, nor with required values for performance characteristics.


ICS-code 97.100.10
Nederlandse titel Elektrische accumulerende kachels - Meten van de gebruikseigenschappen
Engelse titel Electric room heaters of the storage type - Performance measurement



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