NEN 10723-1:1983 en;fr

Spoel- en transformatorkernen voor telecommunicatie - Deel 1: Hoofdspecificatie

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 29
Gepubliceerd op 01-01-1983
Taal Engels, Frans
This generic specification lists the procedures to be used in the quality assessment of inductor and transformer cores for telecommunications, and the tests and measuring methods which may be selected by the appropiate sectional and blank detail specifications for these components. This specification prescribes the rules for writing blank detail specifications, and also gives the relevant units, symbols and terminology. The components which are the subject of this specification are magnetic cores, mainly made of magnetic oxides or metallic powders, used in linear inductors and transformers for telecommunication equipment and electronic equipment employing similar techniques. Further information on the test methods, the conditions under which they should be carried out and the precautions which should observed in their use, are given in IEC Publication 367-1.


ICS-code 29.100.10
Nederlandse titel Spoel- en transformatorkernen voor telecommunicatie - Deel 1: Hoofdspecificatie
Engelse titel Inductor and transformer cores for telecommunications - Part 1: Generic specification



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