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Kwalificatie van elektrische componenten van het beveiligingssysteem voor kerncentrales

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Commissie Kerntechnische instrumentatie
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-1992
Taal Engels, Frans
This standard is applicable to electrical items of the safety system that are used in nuclear power generating stations including components or equipment of any interface whose failure could adversely affect the performance of the safety system. It is also applicable to non-electrical interfaces associated wth a safety function. The standard describes the basic requirements for qualifying the above items. The requirements presented include the principles, procedures and methods of qualification. These qualification requirements, when met, will confirm the adequacy of the protection system equipment design to perform its function. It should be taken into account that there exist different categories of qualification according to the task and the location of the equipment. Where qualification is required by other IEC standards or recommendations for nuclear power generating stations, this can be demonstrated by using the guidance provided in this standard. The qualification methods described shall be used for the initial qualification of the equipment and for updating qualification following modifications. Other qualification guides for specific electrical equipment or test methods will cover specific requirements and should be used to supplement this standard.


ICS-code 17.240
Nederlandse titel Kwalificatie van elektrische componenten van het beveiligingssysteem voor kerncentrales
Engelse titel Qualification of electrical items of the safety system for nuclear power generating stations



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