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Draagbare dosisequivalenttempometers voor omringende neutronenstraling voor stralingsbescherming

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 55
Commissie Kerntechnische instrumentatie
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-1992
Taal Engels, Frans
This International Standard is applicable to all portable assemblies designed to measure the ambient dose equivalent (see 1.3.8) rate due to neutron radiation of energy up to 16 MeV, and which comprise at least: - A detection sub-assembly, which may, for example, consist of a detector probe and a moderating and absorbing medium surrounding the detector; - A measuring sub-assembly, which may be incorporated into a single assembly or connected by means of a flexible cable; - If these assemblies are to be used in pulsed fields, it is strongly recommended that the user determines that under the conditions concerned, the assembly can operate correctly; - The requirements given below pertain to assemblies as defined above. It is accepatble, however, to use assemblies which do not meet the requirements set out below when such requirements are not deemed essential for a given purpose. In such cases, the requirements to be applied to the assemblies shall be specified by agreement between the manufacturer and the purchaser, but the determination of the characteristics of the assemblies shall conform to the methods given in this standard. -Unconventional dose equivalent ratemeters have recently become available. For such instruments evaluation based on mono-energetic neutrons (see 2.3.2) is not relevant. An annex to ISO/DIS 8529 is to be prepared defining a list of appropiate neutron sources having broad spectra suitable for the testing of such unconventional ratemeters. -The object of this standard is to lay down performance requirements and methods for the assessment of portable neutron ambient dose equivalent rate meters. This standard specifies, for the assemblies described in the scope, general characteristics, general test procedures, radiation characteristics, electrical, mechanical, safety and environmental characteristics, and also the identification certificate.


ICS-code 17.240
Nederlandse titel Draagbare dosisequivalenttempometers voor omringende neutronenstraling voor stralingsbescherming
Engelse titel Portable neutron ambient dose equivalent ratemeters for use in radiation protection
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