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Hoogfrequentieconnectors - Hoofdspecificatie - Algemene eisen en meetmethoden

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 163
Commissie Cables, wires, waveguides, R.F. connectors, R.F. and microwave passive components and accessoires
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-1994
Taal Duits, Frans
This publication also bears the number QC 22000, which the specification number in the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (ECQ). Relates to connectors for r.f. transmission lines and services a generic specification providing the basis for the section standards which apply to individual connector type. Establishes uniform concepts and procedures concerning: - terminology - standard ratings and characteristics - testing and measuring procedures concerning electrical and mechanical properties; - classification of connectors with regard to environment testing procedures involving temperature, humidity and vibration.


ICS-code 33.120.30
Nederlandse titel Hoogfrequentieconnectors - Hoofdspecificatie - Algemene eisen en meetmethoden
Engelse titel Radio-frequency connectors - Part 1: Generic specification - General requirements and measuring methods
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