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Elektrolytisch aangebrachte bedekkingen van nikkel op metalen

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Commissie Metallieke deklagen
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-1975
Taal Engels
This International Standard specifies requirements for nickel electrodeposited coatings that are applied to iron and steel, to zinc alloys, to copper or copper alloys, and to aluminium and aluminium alloys to provide an attractive appearance and corrosion resistance. Several classes of coatings are provided that differ in thickness and guidance is given in selecting the coating class appropirate to the service conditions to which the coated product will be exposed. The nickel coatings without chromium topcoats that are specified in this International Standard are suitable for applications in which tarnishing is prevented by rubbing or handling in service, or by the use of topcoats other than chromium. They are also suitable for those applications where tarnishing is of no importance.


ICS-code 25.220.40
Nederlandse titel Elektrolytisch aangebrachte bedekkingen van nikkel op metalen
Engelse titel Electroplated coatings of nickel on metals



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