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Naadloze en gelaste stalen buizen - Afmetingen en massa's per lengte

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Commissie Stalen buizen
Gepubliceerd op 01-09-1991
Taal Engels
This European Standard gives tables of dimensions in millimetres and values for the masses per unit length in kilogrammes per metre of plain end steel tubes. It covers two groups of tubes: - group 1: tubes for general purpose use (see table 2); - group 2: precision tubes (see table 3). The outside diameters are classified into three series for group 1 and two series for group 2. This classification of outside diameters into different series and of thicknesses into preferred wall thicknesses and other thicknesses is intended to give an indication of which tube dimensions in national and European standards should be selected for general purpose use and for special use. This information should facilitate the selection of the most appropriate dimensions for the purpose in question. It should be noted that it may not be possible in all cases to supply series 2 and 3 tube sizes for which the values are given in the tables. To calculate the masses per unit length of tubes with different dimensions from those given in the tables, the formula in clause 5 should be used. This European Standard is not applicable to tubes primarily intended to be screwed as specified in ISO 7/1. The values of the mass per unit length for these types of tube, both screwed and plain end, are given in ISO 65.


ICS-code 23.040.10
Nederlandse titel Naadloze en gelaste stalen buizen - Afmetingen en massa's per lengte
Engelse titel Seamless and welded steel tubes - Dimensions and masses per unit length
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