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Kruipvaste staalsoorten, nikkel en kobalt legeringen

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Commissie Staal – overige toepassingen
Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2005
Taal Engels
This European Standard covers the grades of wrought steels and alloys listed in Table 1 and Table 2, which are usually employed for components and equipment, for which the main requirement is their creep resistance under mechanical long-time stressing at temperatures above 500 C. This European Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for semi-finished products, for hot or cold rolled sheet/plate and strip, hot or cold formed (cold drawn) bars, rods, wire and sections. The general technical delivery conditions specified in EN 10021 apply in addition to the specifications of this European Standard, unless otherwise specified in this European Standard. This European Standard does not apply to components manufactured by further processing the product forms listed in 1.2 with quality characteristics altered as a result of such further processing. This European Standard shall not be used for aerospace and pressure purposes. For steels and alloys with similar chemical composition, but intended for different applications, see the Bibliography.


ICS-code 77.120.01
Nederlandse titel Kruipvaste staalsoorten, nikkel en kobalt legeringen
Engelse titel Creep resisting steels, nickel and cobalt alloys
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