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Hardsolderen - Toevoegmaterialen

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 26
Commissie Lassen en verwante processen
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-1999
Taal Engels
Specifies the compositions of a range of filler metals used for brazing. The filler metals have been divided into eight clases, related to their composition but not necessarily to the major element present, see annex A. In the case of composite products suc as flux-coated rods, pastes or plastic tapes, the standard only covers the filler metal which forms part of such products. Although the melting range is given in the tables, it will necessarily vary within the compositional range of the filler metal and can only be regarded as approximate. Therefore it does not form part of the specifiation and is given only for information. Technical delivery conditions are given for brazing filler metals and products containing brazing filler metals with other constituents such as flux and/or binders.


ICS-code 25.160.50
Nederlandse titel Hardsolderen - Toevoegmaterialen
Engelse titel Brazing - Filler metals
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Normatieve verwijzingen
  • 97/23/EG, Drukapparatuur (PED)



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