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Waardeberging - Eisen en beproevingsmethoden voor de brandwerendheid - Deel 1: Brandwerende kasten en disketteverpakkingen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2005
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This part of this European Standard specifies requirements for fire resisting data cabinets and diskette inserts. Two methods of test are specified to determine the ability of fire resisting data cabinets to protect temperature and humidity sensitive contents from the effects of fire: a fire endurance test and a fire shock and impact test. Two levels of fire severity (S 60 and S 120) based upon time of fire exposure; and three protection classes (P, D and DIS) are specified using the maximum temperature increases and humidity values permitted within the storage Diskette inserts (DI 60 P/DIS and DI 120 P/DIS) are installed in data cabinets of protection class S 60 P or S 120 P, Requirements are also specified for test specimens, the technical documentation for the test specimen, correlation of the test specimen with the technical documentation, preparation for type testing and test procedures. A scheme to classify the fire resisting data cabinets and diskette inserts from the test results is also given (see Cabinets having the same design, protection and construction features (type and thickness of construction and protective materials, rebate geometry, locking, etc.) will only give the same fire protection classification as that of a test specimen if they are of similar internal dimensions. The maximum difference in internal dimensions (height, width and depth of the storage space, measured from wall to wall) to which the test classification could apply is + 15 %. Cabinets having internal dimensions which differ by more than this amount from that of the tested specimen The wall, ceiling and door thicknesses should not be below the specified minimum limit of the type-tested thickness Diskette inserts should only be installed in data cabinets having the same design as the series of protection class S 60 P and S 120 P, respectively, in which the insert has been tested in accordance with 5.1.2. Where several inserts are installed, they should be built in one beside the other or one above the other from bottom to top, respectively. The volume and total height of the installed inserts should not exceed 50 % of the total internal volume or 50 % of the internal height, respectively, of the data cabinets into which they are installed. The dimensions of the insert can be adapted by increasing the width and depth to the corresponding dimensions of the data cabinets. A reduction of these dimensions as well as a change of the height is only admitted within the specified tolerance. The temperature increases during type-tests on data cabinets and diskette inserts will be considered in deciding the permitted diskette insert installations. For a permitted installation, the temperature increase of the intended data cabinet (.Ta K) should not exceed the temperature increase of the tested data cabinet (.Tb K) in which the diskette insert has been type-tested by more than the difference between the maximum value for the diskette insert (.Ti K) and the maximum admissible temperature increase (30 K), i.e: .Ta;.Tb =30 K;.Ti (See example in annex B).A description of the installation of the diskette inserts should be given in the technical documentation of the manufacturer.


ICS-code 13.220.40
Nederlandse titel Waardeberging - Eisen en beproevingsmethoden voor de brandwerendheid - Deel 1: Brandwerende kasten en disketteverpakkingen
Engelse titel Secure storage units - Classification and methods of test for resistance to fire - Part 1: Data cabinets and diskette inserts
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