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Hoofdspecificatie - Elektromechanische relais - Deel 1: Algemeen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-02-1996
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Applies to electromechanical all-or-nothing relays of assessed quality. In order to facilitate technical comparison of such relays, to assist in negotiations between relay manufacturers and users and to permit assessment of the quality, this specification - in conjunction with part 3 of this Generic Specification (EN 116000-3:1996) - contains - definition of terminology specific to electromechanical all-or-nothing relays;- description of test and measurement procedures;- definition of procedures to be followed for qualification approval and quality conformance inspection. Within the CECC quality assessment system this Generic Specification together with the relevant Sectional and Detail Specifications is used for relay qualification approval (3rd party assessment by independent certification bodies). Approved relays will be granted a CECC Certificate of Approval authorizing the use of the CECC Mark of Approval. In addition this specification an be used outside the CECC quality assessment system for both 1 st party assessment (manufacturer's declaration) and 2nd party assessment (customer certification) as applicable. However, in these cases relays cannot be granted CECC Approval neither can they be marked with the CECC Mark of Approval.


ICS-code 29.120.70
Nederlandse titel Hoofdspecificatie - Elektromechanische relais - Deel 1: Algemeen
Engelse titel Generic specification - Electromechanicall all-or-nothing relays - Part 1: General



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