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Machines voor voedselbereiding - Deegwalsen - Veiligheids- en hygiëne-eisen

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Commissie Machines voor de voedselindustrie
Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2010
Taal Engels
This standard applies to the design and manufacture of dough moulders of the types described in 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 and illustrated in figures 3a, 3b and 3c. These moulders are used in the food industry and shops (bread making, pastry making, sweet industries, bakeries, confectioners, delicatessens, catering facilities, etc.) for flattening, rolling and elongating pieces of dough. Other designs of moulder and type 1 moulders designed for other than hand crafted products using soft dough, e. g. French baguettes, are not covered by this standard. The standard covers the technical safety and hygiene requirements for the design, manufacture, installation, adjustment, operation, cleaning and maintenance of these machines, as defined in !3.22 of EN ISO 12100- 1:2003" and in the manufacturer's instruction handbook. The significant hazards covered by this standard are mechanical (drawing in, trapping, entanglement, crushing, loss of stability), electrical, ergonomic and also those resulting from inhalation of flour dust and lack of hygiene. Noise is not considered to be a significant hazard by moulders. This does not mean that the manufacturer of the machine is absolved from reducing noise and making a noise declaration. Therefore a noise test code is proposed in Annex B.


ICS-code 67.260
Nederlandse titel Machines voor voedselbereiding - Deegwalsen - Veiligheids- en hygiëne-eisen
Engelse titel Food processing machinery - Moulders - Safety and hygiene requirements
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