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Lijmen - Bepaling van de viscositeit

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-1995
Taal Engels
Describes six methods which, experience has shown, are suitable for measuring the viscosity of a wide range of adhesives. This standard does not seek to describe which is unique to one manufacturer, rather it described generic types of viscometer. The instruments described operate on very different principles making it inadvisible to compare results from one type of viscometer with another. However, results from different instruments of the same type should be comparable. Some modern viscometers incorporate integrated electronic measuring devices and have a high degree of automation. The user may not therefore have access to (or need to know) full details of an instrument's measuring system. However, all viscometers are capable of being calibrated and, for compliance with this standard, the viscometer used shall be calibrated in the appropriate viscosity range before a test. Certified calibration fluids shall be used for this purpose and evidence of calibration shall be given with the test results. The properties of many adhesives are very sensitive to test conditions. It is important therefore that the test report contains comprehensive information on the conduct of the test.


ICS-code 83.180
Nederlandse titel Lijmen - Bepaling van de viscositeit
Engelse titel Adhesives - Determination of viscosity
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