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Verplaatsbare gasflessen - Volledig met composietmaterialen omwikkelde cilinders

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Commissie Gasflessen
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-2007
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies minimum requirements for the materials, design, construction, prototype testing and routine manufacturing inspections of composite gas cylinders for compressed, liquefied and dissolved gases. This European Standard is applicable to cylinders that comprise a liner of metallic material (welded or seamless) or non-metallic material (or a mixture thereof), reinforced by a wound composite consisting of fibres of glass, carbon or aramid (or a mixture thereof) embedded in a matrix. This European Standard is also applicable to composite cylinders without liners. This European Standard is not applicable to gas cylinders which are partially covered with fibres and commonly called "hoop wrapped" cylinders. For hoop wrapped composite cylinders, see EN 12257. This European Standard is primarily for industrial gases other than LPG but may also be applied to LPG.


ICS-code 23.020.35
Nederlandse titel Verplaatsbare gasflessen - Volledig met composietmaterialen omwikkelde cilinders
Engelse titel Transportable gas cylinders - Fully wrapped composite cylinders
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