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Afvalwaterzuiveringsinstallaties - Deel 13: Chemische behandeling

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Gepubliceerd op 01-04-2000
Taal Engels
Specifies the requirements for chemical treatment of wastewater by precipitation/flocculation for removal of phosphorus and suspended solids. The application of polymers is not described in this European Standard. Differences in wastewater treatment throughout Europe have led to a variety of practices being developed. This standard gives fundamental information about the practices;this standard has not attempted to specify all available practices. Detailed information additional to that contained in this standard may be obtained by referring to the bibliography.


ICS-code 13.060.30
Nederlandse titel Afvalwaterzuiveringsinstallaties - Deel 13: Chemische behandeling
Engelse titel Waste water treatment plants - Part 13: Chemical treatment
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