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Medische informatica - Catergoriale structuren voor systemen van concepten

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Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2003
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The purpose of this European Standard is to establish the characteristics and the conformance rules required to synthetically describe the organisation and content of a terminological system in health. This European Standard has been developed to allow the production of specific standards on categorial structures for particular healthcare subject fields with the minimum requirements to support meaningful exchange of information. This European Standard is applicable to:;facilitate the construction of new terminological systems in a regular form which will increase their coherence and expressiveness;;facilitate maintenance of terminological systems;;increase consistency and coherence of existing terminological systems;;allow systematic cross-references between items of different types of terminological systems;;facilitate convergence among terminological systems;;make explicit the overlap between different health care domains terminological systems;;provide elements for negotiation about integration of different terminological systems into information systems between the respective developers;;enable the systematic evaluation of terminological systems.


ICS-code 35.240.80
Nederlandse titel Medische informatica - Catergoriale structuren voor systemen van concepten
Engelse titel Health informatics - Categorial structures for systems of concepts
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