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Industriƫle afsluiters - Plugafsluiters van gietijzer

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Status Ontwerp
Aantal pagina's 23
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2004
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies requirements for the valve seat and body pressure/temperature ratings and the design, including materials, dimensions, operation, performance, testing and marking of lubricated, soft seated and lined plug valves. It also specifies anti-static requirements and the option of a steel or cast iron plug. This European Standard is applicable to short, regular or venturi pattern valves. The range of valves covered by this European Standard are given in Table 1. Pressure/temperature ratings of the linings of lined valves are outside the scope of this European Standard.


ICS-code 23.060.01
Nederlandse titel Industriƫle afsluiters - Plugafsluiters van gietijzer
Engelse titel Industrial valves - Cast iron plug valves



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