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Gieterijmachines - Veiligheidseisen voor gietpannen, gietmachines, centrifugaalgietmachines, continu- en semi-continu-gietmachines

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 24
Commissie Gieterijtechniek
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-1993
Taal Engels
This standard specifies requirements to be met by the manufacturer for the foreseeable significant hazards due to design, construction and installation, during commissioning, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of the following machines and equipment which are used directly and indirectly for the manufacture of castings: - Ladles; - Pouring equipment; - Centrifugal casting machines for production of tubes (only machines with horizontal or oblique axis of rotation); - Continuous and semi continuous casting machines for non-ferrous metals. This standard specifies the safety requirements in addressing the following items: - controls; - protection against: - mechanical hazards, movement of machines and material, ejection of parts, material, liquids and gases, implosion, structural instability; - electric hazards; - explosion, fire, scalds, contact with hot parts (burns), gases and flames; - noise and vibration; - thermal radiation; - harmful by-products, poisoning, pollution of operators air ; - impact; - deterioration of worker's health; - shearing; - crushing; - maintenance, provision for warning systems. It is assumed that - the normal operation of equipment falling within this scope may involve the intervention of personnel; - the machines are operated by skilled and adequately trained persons; - the machines are used with adequate workplace lighting conforming to local regulations, or to EN 12464-1. This part of ISO 11003 specifies a test method for determining the shear behaviour of an adhesive in a single lap joint bonded assembly when subjected to a tensile force. The test is performed on specimens consisting of thick, rigid adherends, with a short length of overlap, in order to obtain the most uniform distribution of shear stresses possible and to minimize other stress states which initiate failure. This test method may be used to determine:;the shear-stress against shear-strain curve to failure of the adhesive;;the shear modulus of the adhesive;;other adhesive properties that can be derived from the stress/strain curve such as secant shear modulus and maximum shear stress;;the effect of temperature, environment, test speed, etc., on these properties.


ICS-code 25.120.30
Nederlandse titel Gieterijmachines - Veiligheidseisen voor gietpannen, gietmachines, centrifugaalgietmachines, continu- en semi-continu-gietmachines
Engelse titel Foundry machinery - Safety requirements for ladles, pouring equipment, centrifugal casting machines, continuous and semi-continuous casting machines
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