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Centrifuges - Algemene veiligheidseisen

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This document applies to centrifuges aiming at separation of liquid/liquid/solid/solid or at least two of these substances. It gives requirements to minimise the risks caused by the hazards specified in 1.2. This document deals with the significant hazards associated with the operation of centrifuges. This document gives requirements for minimising the risks caused by the following hazards: - mechanical hazards common to all types of centrifuges, except those specified in 1.4; - ergonomical hazards; - electrical hazards. This document also covers requirements for noise measurements. Types of centrifuges and hazards excluded. Types of centrifuges excluded: - centrifuges with a kinetic energy of rotation less than 200 J; - centrifuges designated by their manufacturers for domestic use; - centrifuges designated by their manufacturers as laboratory centrifuges according to EN 61010-2-020; - centrifuges designated by their manufacturers for forming, i.e. centrifugal hot metal casting machines. Hazards excluded: - thermal hazards; - hazards specific to processing radioactive products; - hazards specific to microbiological processing - including viral and parasitic hazards; - hazards from processing corrosive and/or erosive materials; - hazards from processes involving flammable or explosive substances; - hazards caused by leakage of hazardous substances; - hazards caused by unsuitable hygienic design for applications involving food products; - inherent chemical hazards of process materials and/or service media and their biological effects on exposed persons. However, it should be noted that inherently hazardous substances include toxic, carcinogenic and flammable substances for example. Other substances may be hazardous because of their condition in the centrifuge, i.e. temperature, velocity and vapour pressure. - hazards due to construction materials. However, it should be noted that materials used in the construction of centrifuges shall not be hazardous in the condition in which they are used. - other application specific hazards which must be dealt with, either according to application specific standards (e.g. EN 12505), or EN ISO 12100:2010.


ICS-code 71.040.20
Nederlandse titel Centrifuges - Algemene veiligheidseisen
Engelse titel Centrifuges - Common safety requirements
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  • 2006/42/EG, Machines



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