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Mortel voor keramische tegels - Deel 5: Waterabsorptiebepaling

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2008
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This European Standard applies to all ceramic tile grouts for internal and external tile installations on walls and floors. This standard specifies the test method to be used to determine the water absorption coefficient due to capillary action when the grout surface contacts the water without any additional pressure. The coefficient is measured by means of prisms. This European Standard does not contain performance requirements or recommendations for the design and installation of ceramic tiles.NOTE Ceramic tile grouts can also be used for other types of tiles (natural and agglomerated stones, etc.), where these do not adversely affect the stones.


ICS-code 83.180
Nederlandse titel Mortel voor keramische tegels - Deel 5: Waterabsorptiebepaling
Engelse titel Grouts for tiles - Part 5: Determination of water absorption
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