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Glas voor gebouwen - Bepaling van de emissiviteit

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Status Ingetrokken
Aantal pagina's 9
Commissie Vlakglas
Gepubliceerd op 01-07-1997
Taal Engels
Specifies a procedure for determining the emissivity at room temperature of the surface of glass, coated glass and other glazing components not transparent in the far infrared. The emissivity is necessary for taking into account heat transfer by radiation from surfaces at the standard temperature of 283 K in the determination of the U value and of the total solar transmittance of glazing according to B.1 to B.5. The procedure, being based on spectrophotometric specular reflectance measurements, is not applicable to glazing components with rough, curved or structured surfaces where the incident radiation is not specularly reflected. In rigorous terms it is applicable only to glass and coated glass. However, it may be applied with caution to any glazing component whose surfaces are flat and not diffusing, provided it is not significantly transparent in the far infrared (5 to 50 ┬Ám).


ICS-code 81.040.20
Nederlandse titel Glas voor gebouwen - Bepaling van de emissiviteit
Engelse titel Glass in building - Determination of the emissivity
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