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Ketels met pijpen - Deel 8: Eisen voor stookinstallaties voor vloeibare en gasvormige brandstoffen

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Commissie Drukapparatuur
Gepubliceerd op 01-12-1998
Taal Engels
The requirements apply to oil and gas firing systems of steam and hot water generators. For multifuel firing systems using separate or combined burners these requirements shall apply to the oil and/or gas firing part involved. Where several fuels are burnt simultaneously, improved safety measures may be necessary, especially in respect to limitation of heat input into the firing system and proper air supply to the individual fuels. These requirements cover the use of liquid and gaseous fuels as classified in the appropriate standards. Liquid fuels include light fuel oils, and heavy fuel oils which need preheating for proper atomization. For improvement of atomization, emulsions of heavy fuel oil with water may be used with appropriate precautions. Geaseous fuels of standardized quality are to be differentiated mainly by their relative density. Light gases with relative density below 1.3 are e.g. natural gas according to ISO 6976, coke-oven gas, blast-furnace gas. Heavy gases with relative densities exceeding 1.3 are e.g. liquified petroleum gases, the main components of which are propane and butane. Fuels deviating from standardized commercially available types may require extra safety measures. For black liquor such extra safety measures are given. The requirements for operational equipment in clauses 4 to 8 apply to steam and hot water generators with permanent supervision by properly trained personal familiar with the special conditions of the firing system and the type of fuel being fired.


ICS-code 27.040
Nederlandse titel Ketels met pijpen - Deel 8: Eisen voor stookinstallaties voor vloeibare en gasvormige brandstoffen
Engelse titel Water-tube boilers - Part 8: Requirements for firing systems for liquid and gaseous fuels
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  • 2014/68/EU,
  • 97/23/EG, Drukapparatuur (PED)



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