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Vlampijpketels - Deel 12: Eisen voor roosterstookinstallaties voor vaste brandstoffen voor de ketel

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2001
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Firing systems This part of this European Standard specifies the requirements for internal or external grate firing systems commencing at the fuel bunkers and ending at the ash extraction plant. For combination of various firing systems, the individual requirements of each system also apply. If several fuels are burnt simultaneously or if a fuel quality varies considerably (e.g. moisture content), additional safety measures can be necessary, especially with respect to limitation of the fuel flow into the firing system and ensuring proper air supply to the individual fuels. Fuels The solid fuels covered are: - All coal qualities, e.g. lignite or brown coal, sub-bituminous or hard brown coal, bituminous coal or hard coal, pitch coal, anthracite, coke, coal culm, coal sludge; - Other fossilsolid fuels (e.g. petrol coke peat, oil shale); - Biomass solid fuels (e.g. wood, wood wastes [bark], energy plants [miscanthus], harvest wastes [straw]); - Municipal waste solid fuels (e.g. garbage, sewage sludge, refuse derived fuels [RDF]); - Industrial waste solid fuels (e.g. petrol coke, soot, tyres, paper wastes, coated wood chips, spent wood, animal product wastes). Fuel blends from two or more of these groups (see 4.1.7), or fuels of unconventional or unknown quality can require special safety measures which can be proved either by practical experience gained from comparable fuels, or by suitable tests, e.g. in accordance with EN 26184-1. Such measures should be documented by the manufacturer. Fuels on which the design is based should be specified in the operating instructions (see 11.2 ). This should include the fuel data for 100 % input of the basic fuel and the data for any supplementary fuels together with their maximum thermal input percentage. Operational equipment. The requirements for operational equipment in clauses 4 to 10 apply to steam boilers and hot water generators with permanent supervision by properly trained personnel familiar with the special conditions of the firing systems and the type of fuel. Annex A contains the operational requirements for permanent supervision.


ICS-code 27.060.20
Nederlandse titel Vlampijpketels - Deel 12: Eisen voor roosterstookinstallaties voor vaste brandstoffen voor de ketel
Engelse titel Shell boilers - Part 12: Requirements for grate firing systems for solid fuels for the boiler
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