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Status Ontwerp
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Gepubliceerd op 01-09-2017
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This draft standard aims at: a) guiding and giving ideas for leaders, managers, and teams to plan deployment of value management approaches and effective application of value management methods; b) helping organizations improve performance, productivity, profitability and effectiveness; c) addressing value management at the managerial level; d) supporting people in strengthening value culture; e) giving guidance for strengthening implementation and practice of value management and value management methods at different levels within the organization; f) identifying the conditions for effective value management; g) giving guidance and set requirements for improving value based decision making and organizational governance in strategy, tactics and operations; this includes consideration of subjects such as: strategic analysis; positioning in the market; operational activity identifying and responding to strategic intelligence; h) stimulating and supporting innovation; and i) establishing a basis for developing training and certifying procedures for individual competences in value management. Figure 1 presents the envisaged organization of documents relative to the value management field and the standards available at the CEN level for all users of this standard. A system for certification of individual professional competence is maintained by the National Value Associations in Europe. The qualification ‚ÄúProfessional in Value Management‚ÄĚ (PVM) is recognized across Europe by National Value Associations as an indicator of competence. This qualification is also recognized in other countries outside Europe.


ICS-code 03.100.40
Nederlandse titel Waardebeheer
Engelse titel Value Management



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