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Thermische zonne-energiesystemen en componenten - Zonne-collectoren - Deel 1: Algemene eisen

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Status Ontwerp
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Commissie Zonnewarmte
Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2013
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies performance requirements for fluid heating collectors with respect to mechanical resistance to climatic loads, fire safety, weather tightness, release of dangerous substances, electrical safety, operating pressure, sound level, thermal output and collector efficiency. Fluids included are anti-freeze fluids, thermo oil, air and water which are not intended for human consumption. The intended use of the solar collector is to heat up the working fluid. This European Standard also includes provisions for evaluation of conformity to these requirements. This European Standard covers only the solar collector consisting of its components: i.e. absorber, frame, insulation and glazing; It does not cover the fluid. It is applicable to glazed and unglazed solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors, evacuated tubular solar collectors, concentrating solar collectors, tracking solar collectors and thermal-electrical hybrid solar collectors (so called PVT solar collectors). It is not applicable to those solar collectors, in which the thermal storage unit is an integral part of the solar collector to such an extent, that the heat production process cannot be separated from the storage process for the purpose of making measurements of these two processes.


ICS-code 27.160
Nederlandse titel Thermische zonne-energiesystemen en componenten - Zonne-collectoren - Deel 1: Algemene eisen
Engelse titel Thermal solar systems and components - Solar collectors - Part 1: General requirements



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