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Bekledingsinstallaties - Spuitcabines voor het aanbrengen van organische deklagen - Veiligheidseisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-05-2005
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This European Standard is applicable to spray booths for spray application of organic coating powder, called in this European Standard "powder spray booths", i.e. machinery and related equipment for automated and/or manual powder coating application processes. This European Standard covers powder spray booths consisting of the following equipment: - forced ventilation system; - air filtering and coating powder recovery system; - coating powder recycling system; - delivery and circulating systems for coating powder (for instance hopper or tank, preparation and transfer new powder feeding); - air conditioning system; - automatic cleaning system; - monitoring and/or control systems; - fire detection and interlocking system; - explosion protection system; - mechanical aspects of product handling systems and reciprocators inside the powder spray booth; - electrical equipment; - powered doors and gates joined together within or at a partially or totally enclosed structure (limited by walls, called space) for the controlled processing of spray application of organic coating powder. This European Standard deals with the significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to powder spray booths when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer (see Clause 4). In addition, it defines: - the content of marking; - the minimum requirements for use. This European Standard does not cover: a) powder spray booths in which the coating is applied by immersion in a fluidised bed; b) powder spray booths for application of non combustible and inorganic coating powder and flock; c) spraying equipment as covered by EN 1953, EN 50050, EN 50177; d) machinery for the supply or circulation of coating material under pressure as covered by prEN 12621; e) all loading and unloading systems; f) automatic systems, e.g. robots as covered by EN 775 and control systems of powder spray booths influencing these systems (e.g. teaching of the spraying process); g) powder spray booths for application of coating powder for food-stuffs and pharmaceuticals; h) spraying areas characterized by an open space for application of organic powder coating material which is limited only by one side wall used for extraction of exhaust ventilation; i) limiting walls of powder spray booths if they are constituent parts of a building. This European Standard is not applicable to powder spray booths which are manufactured before the date of publication of this European Standard by CEN.


ICS-code 87.100
Nederlandse titel Bekledingsinstallaties - Spuitcabines voor het aanbrengen van organische deklagen - Veiligheidseisen
Engelse titel Coating plants - Spray booths for application of organic powder coating material - Safety requirements
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