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Gasgestookte huishoudelijke warmwatertoestellen - Deel 2: Beoordeling van het energieverbruik

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2015
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NEN-EN 13203-2 is applicable to gas-fired appliances producing domestic hot water. It applies to both instantaneous and storage tank appliances; waters-heaters and combination boilers that have: - a heat input not exceeding 70 kW; and - a hot water storage tank capacity (if any) not exceeding 500 l. In the case of combination boilers, with or without storage tank, domestic hot water production is integrated or coupled, the whole being marketed as a single unit. EN 13203-1 sets out in qualitative and quantitative terms the performance in delivery of domestic hot water for a selected variety of uses. It also gives a system for presenting the information to the user. The present document sets out a method for assessing the energy performance of the appliances. It defines a number of daily tapping cycles for each domestic hot water use, kitchen, shower, bath and a combination of these, together with corresponding test procedures, enabling the energy performances of different gas-fired appliances to be compared and matched to the needs of the user. Where other technologies are combined with a gas-fired boiler or a water heater to produce domestic hot water, specific parts of EN 13203 apply.


ICS-code 91.140.65
Nederlandse titel Gasgestookte huishoudelijke warmwatertoestellen - Deel 2: Beoordeling van het energieverbruik
Engelse titel Gas-fired domestic appliances producing hot water - Part 2: Assessment of energy consumption
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