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Machines voor voedselbereiding - Groentenschillers - Veiligheids- en hygiëne-eisen

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Status Definitief
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Commissie Machines voor de voedselindustrie
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2010
Taal Engels
This European standard specifies the safety and hygiene requirements for the design and manufacture of vegetable peelers used in the commercial and institutional catering industry, and in food shops. The machines concerned by this standard are designed to peel different sorts of vegetables and tubers such as potatoes, carrots, salsify, turnips, celery and onions. The standard is limited to machines where the maximum capacity is 50 kg. The machines are not intended to be moved during operation. The rotating plate mixes the product under appropriate conditions so that the desired operation is carried out on the entire load. This operation can be: - the abrading of the surface of the vegetable or tuber; - the cutting of fine particles of skin if the fitting is of the blade-type; - grating, an operation which is similar to abrading; - scraping or cleaning with a brush, rubber coating or cast iron surface. Machines subject to this standard use water circulation to carry waste to the waste outlet. The underside of the plate is sometimes designed with raised parts which speed up the discharge of the waste water. !This European Standard deals with the hazards which can arise during commissioning, operation, cleaning, removal of food blockages, feeding, changing the tools, maintenance and decommissioning of the machine." Machines covered by this standard are not intended to be cleaned by high pressure water jets.


ICS-code 67.260
Nederlandse titel Machines voor voedselbereiding - Groentenschillers - Veiligheids- en hygiëne-eisen
Engelse titel Food processing machinery - Vegetable peelers - Safety and hygiene requirements



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