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Machines voor keramiek - Veiligheid - Overlaadperrons en -wagens

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 29
Commissie Mobiele bouwmachines
Gepubliceerd op 01-10-2008
Taal Engels
This European Standard applies for the design, installation and commissioning of transfer platforms and cars and ancillary devices for the process related transport of ceramic material on rails. The rails, which are considered to be horizontal and the movement of vehicles in equipment and machinery connected with the process related transport such as kilns, dryers, collector scaffolds, machinery for loading and unloading are also covered. This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to transfer platforms and cars, when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer (see Clause 4). Noise is not a significant hazard. This document deals with the preventive measures to minimise these hazards which can arise during commissioning, the operation and maintenance. This European Standard is not applicable to: Kilns and dryers (see EN 746-1:1997), machinery for setting and dehacking of heavy clay and refractory, products and machinery for loading and unloading of fine clay tiles; Retrial, packaging and storage of finished products; Transport of cars with not rail mounted equipment e.g. with driverless trucks (see EN 1525:1997); Transfer platforms and cars which are driven by human power.


ICS-code 81.100
Nederlandse titel Machines voor keramiek - Veiligheid - Overlaadperrons en -wagens
Engelse titel Ceramic machines - Safety - Transfer platforms and cars
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Normatieve verwijzingen
  • 2006/42/EG, Machines



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