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Onderhoudsmachines voor wegen - Veiligheidseisen


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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 52
Commissie Mobiele bouwmachines
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2014
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NEN-EN 13524+A2 applies to machines used for highway maintenance which are attached to or mounted on carrier vehicles and which are defined in clause 3. Directives and standards for the vehicular truck chassis aspect, termed 'carrier vehicle' in this standard, would be those relevant to that equipment, even where specific modifications have been made to adapt the machines for highway maintenance application. The use in public road traffic is governed by the national regulations. This European Standard deals with all significant hazards identified through a risk assessment pertinent to highway maintenance machines, when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer (see clause 4). This European Standard does not deal with significant hazards associated with deleted text EMC. This European Standard specifies the appropriate technical measures to eliminate or reduce risks arising from the significant hazards associated with machine operation, setting and adjustments, load discharge and routine maintenance. This European Standard does not include requirements for the carrier vehicles (e.g. trucks, tractors, construction machines, industrial trucks) as well as their demountable bodywork. These are covered in directives related to the construction of vehicles. Demountable bodywork systems are specified in other standards. This European Standard does not deal with: - walker-operated an hand-held machines; - machines for the maintenance of sports grounds; - machines for agriculture, horticulture and forestry; - winter-service machines; - street-cleansing machines, except sweepers #deleted text; - earth-moving machinery; - pit and sewer cleaning vehicles/-machines; - lifting platforms; - refuse-collecting vehicles; - bridge-inspection equipment; - loading cranes; A machine which is a combination of several parts with different uses should conform to all the standards referring to the corresponding parts of the machine. This European Standard does not deal with the risks associated with the operation of machines in potentially explosive atmospheres. This standard applies to machines manufactured after the date of approval of this standard through CEN.


ICS-code 43.160
Nederlandse titel Onderhoudsmachines voor wegen - Veiligheidseisen
Engelse titel Highway maintenance machines - Safety requirements
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Normatieve verwijzingen
  • 2006/42/EG, Machines



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