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Eisen voor slaapzakken

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Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2012
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This European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods as well as provisions for labelling of adult sized sleeping bags for use in sports and leisure time activities. This European Standard does not apply to sleeping bags intended for specific purpose such as military use and extreme climate zone expedition. It does not apply to sleeping bags for children or babies: no prediction model exists for the determination of the limiting temperatures based on the thermal resistance of the sleeping bag for these demographics. Moreover, such a model for testing cannot be developed because the necessary controlled sleep trials with children or babies in climatic chambers are, out of ethical reasons, not permitted. This European Standard describes the method for the assessment of the performance in steady state conditions of a sleeping bag with regard to the protection against cold.


ICS-code 97.200.30
Nederlandse titel Eisen voor slaapzakken
Engelse titel Requirements for sleeping bags
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