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Roltissues voor tissuehouders - Prestatie-eisen en bewerking

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 16
Commissie Textiel en kleding
Gepubliceerd op 01-08-2001
Taal Engels
Specifies requirements for the following: a) Three categories of c abinet towel, the grades being defined in terms of mass per unit area and tensile strength of the fabric; certain construct ional and performance requirements are also covered. b) Process validation procedures to ensure that cabinet towels achieve the condition of hygienic cleanliness in processing. c) It also contains informative annexes containing the following: an example of suitable fabric structure, recommendations for the care, use and transportation of cabinet towels after processing, examples of key process variables for disinfection, the preparation and application of bio-indicators for the validation of the process to achieve hygienic cleanliness. The colour fastness to washing test and the requirement level are based on the assumption that chlorine bleaching treatments will not be used in laundering.


ICS-code 59.080.30
Nederlandse titel Roltissues voor tissuehouders - Prestatie-eisen en bewerking
Engelse titel Cabinet roller towels - Performance requirements and processing



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