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Veiligheids- en regelinrichtingen voor gasbranders en gasverbruikstoestellen of vloeibare brandstoffen - Algemene eisen

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Gepubliceerd op 01-11-2012
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This European Standard specifies safety, construction, and performance requirements and testing for safety, control or regulating devices and sub-assemblies or fittings (hereafter referred to as controls) for burners and appliances burning one or more gaseous fuels according to EN 437:2003+A1:2009, or liquid fuels. Controls to which this European Standard applies include the following: - automatic shut-off valves; - automatic burner control systems; - flame supervision devices; - gas/air ratio controls; - pressure regulators; - mechanical thermostats; - multifunctional controls; - pressure sensing devices; - valve proving systems; This European Standard does not apply to mechanical oil controls. This European Standard applies also for safety accessories and pressure accessories with a product of the maximum allowable pressure PS and the volume V of less than 600 kPa (6 000 bar) litres or with a product of PS and DN of less than 300 kPa (3 000 bar), as defined by EU Directive 97/23/EC (see Annex F). Protection against environmental impact in open air (i.e. capable of withstanding UV radiation, wind, rain, snow, dirt deposits, condensation, ice and hoar frost (see IEV 441-11-05:2005)), earth quake, external fire are not covered by this standard. This European Standard is applicable to AC and DC supplied controls (for controls supplied by stand-alone battery system, battery systems for mobile applications or systems which are intended to be connected to DC supply networks controls see Annex I). This European Standard establishes methodologies for the determination of a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and the determination of a Performance Level (PL) (see Annex J, Annex K and Annex L). This European Standard is applicable to reset functions used for reset from lockout, e.g. due to ignition failure or temperature cut-out in burners and appliances (see Annex M). This European Standard gives guidelines for environmental aspects (see Annex N). This European Standard specifies requirements and tests for seals made from elastomer, cork or elastomer, cork and synthetic fibres mixtures for use in gas applications using gases as specified in EN 437:2003+A1:2009, except LP gas in liquid form (see Annex O).


ICS-code 23.060.40
Nederlandse titel Veiligheids- en regelinrichtingen voor gasbranders en gasverbruikstoestellen of vloeibare brandstoffen - Algemene eisen
Engelse titel Safety and control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels - General Requirements
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  • 97/23/EG, Drukapparatuur (PED)



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