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Dekvloermortel en dekvloeren - Eigenschappen en eisen voor dekvloermortels

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Status Ingetrokken
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Commissie Dekvloeren
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2000
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies requirements for screed material for use in floor construction internally. To support the aim of achieving a performance related standard, as far as practicable this standard refers only to the properties of the product and not to its method of manufacture, except when this is unavoidable in the de-scription of the characteristics of the product. It defines for fresh screed material the performance related to setting time, consistency, pH value and for the hardened screed material, compressive strength, flexural strength, wear resistance, surface hardness, resistance to indentation, resistance to rolling wheel, shrinkage and swelling, modulus of elasticity, bond strength, impact resistance, reaction to fire, acoustic performance, thermal resistance and chemical resistance. It provides for the evaluation of conformity of the product to this European Standard. The marking requirements for products covered by this European Standard are included. This standard covers screed materials as defined in EN 13318. Where flooring systems are used to protect or reinstate the integrity of a concrete structure, the requirements according to prEN 1504-2:2000 shall also be fulfilled in addition to the requirements of this standard. Structural screeds, i.e. those that contribute to the load bearing capacity of the structure, are excluded from this standard.


ICS-code 91.060.30
Nederlandse titel Dekvloermortel en dekvloeren - Eigenschappen en eisen voor dekvloermortels
Engelse titel Screed material and floor screeds - Properties and requirements of screed materials
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  • 305/2011,
  • 89/106/EEG, Bouwproducten



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