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Vliesgevels - Productnorm

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Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2000
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies characteristics of curtain walling and provides technical information on the varying performance requirements which apply throughout Europe and the test criteria and sequence of testing to which the product is subjected, in order to demonstrate conformity. Reference is made to other European Standards related to the performance and testing of curtain walling and, where appropriate, attention is drawn to European Standards which relate to products incorporated into curtain walling. This standard applies to curtain walling ranging from a vertical position to 15° from the vertical, onto the building face. It can include elements of sloping glazing contained within the curtain wall. Curtain walling is not a product which can be completed in all respects within a manufacturing area, but is a series of components and/or prefabricated units which only become a finished product when assembled together on site. This standard is applicable to the whole of the curtain walling, including the flashings, closures and copings.


ICS-code 91.060.10
Nederlandse titel Vliesgevels - Productnorm
Engelse titel Curtain walling - Product standard
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