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Hijskranen - Offshore kranen - Deel 1: Offshore kranen voor algemene doeleinden

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Commissie Hijswerktuigen
Gepubliceerd op 01-03-2000
Taal Engels
This European Standard specifies the requirements for general-purpose offshore cranes including their supporting pedestals or structures. This standard applies to cranes manufactured a fter the date of issue of this standard. This European Standa rd does not cover: a) Fabrication, assembly, dismantling or changing the configuration of the crane; b) Lifting accessori es, i.e. any item between the hook and the load; c) Sub-sea l ifting operations; d) Design temperature below 20 °C; e) Op erations at an ambient temperature above 40 °C; f) Lifting op erations involving more than one crane; g) Transportation of the crane; h) Loads due to earthquake; i) Cranes on seagoing vessels, excluded from the scope of the Machinery Directive. The significant hazards covered by this European Standard are identified in clause 4. This standard includes requirements for the lifting of personnel. Where National Authorities permit the use of a general-purpose offshore crane for the lifting of personnel, the crane would at least need to fulfil the requirements of this standard.


ICS-code 47.020.40
Nederlandse titel Hijskranen - Offshore kranen - Deel 1: Offshore kranen voor algemene doeleinden
Engelse titel Cranes - Offshore cranes - Part 1: General purpose offshore cranes
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