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Vliesgevels - Weerstand tegen stootbelasting - Prestatie-eisen

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Status Definitief
Aantal pagina's 12
Gepubliceerd op 01-06-2016
Taal Engels
NEN-EN 14019 defines performance requirements of curtain walling under impact load. The mode of breakage of the glass has to be already assessed according to EN 12600. Its criteria are targeted to safety in use and integrity of curtain walling in the event of sudden impact forces on the curtain wall surfaces. Compliance with the performance requirement is determined by the laboratory test. It applies to those areas of curtain walling which face onto areas of human activity, either internally or externally and takes account of accidental impacts brought on by people going about their normal daily activities and impacts brought about by equipment and similar devices for maintenance, cleaning, repair and similar occasional activities. It does not set out to define performance requirements of impact under exceptional circumstances such as acts of vandalism, vehicular collision, firearm projectiles, etc. This standard will have no bearing whatsoever on any National Building / Health and Safety regulations which may exist and whose requirements have to apply separately and in parallel with these test performance requirements.


ICS-code 91.060.10
Nederlandse titel Vliesgevels - Weerstand tegen stootbelasting - Prestatie-eisen
Engelse titel Curtain Walling - Impact resistance - Performance requirements



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