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Watermeters - Deel 4: Additionele functies

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Commissie Debiet- en hoeveelheidsmeting
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2013
Taal Engels
Definition, requirements and testing of additional functionalities for water meters in combination with Additional Functionality Devices (AFD) as standardised in part 1 of the EN 14154 in response to EU/EFTA Mandate M/441 EN. This standard applies to AFDs that are installed in locations with vibration and shocks of low significance and in: - closed locations (indoor or outdoor with protection as specified by the manufacturer) with condensing or with non-condensing humidity; or, if specified by the manufacturer: - open locations (outdoor without any covering) with condensing humidity or with non-condensing humidity; - locations liable to temporary saturation, and in locations with electromagnetic disturbances corresponding to those likely to be found in residential, commercial buildings or similar buildings. This standard does not cover the changing of metrological software within the meter or the upload/download of metrological software.


ICS-code 17.060
Nederlandse titel Watermeters - Deel 4: Additionele functies
Engelse titel Water meters - Part 4: Additional functionalities
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